Monday, July 22, 2013

A Tourist’s Guide to Finding a Good Budget Hotel in Anaheim

Tourists often look for budget hotels for obvious reasons, but seldom find the good ones. Make sure you don’t have a similar experience on your next visit to Anaheim. Hers’ how you can save yourself the trouble:

For starters, let go of the belief that if you are getting to stay at an affordable price, you really can’t expect anything. After all, you are saving money and that’s what matters, right? No. You can very much find a budget hotel in Anaheim that has world-class amenities such as complimentary Wi-Fi, free parking, paid shuttle service, etc. So, here’s tip #1: always find out what kind of amenities you are getting before booking.

Moving on, just because you aren’t paying much, doesn’t mean you can stay just about anywhere. If the hotel is too far from the major attractions, you won’t save anything and that’s because the commutation expenses are going to burn a hole in your pocket. Chances are that you are going to miss out on half the attractions, unless you play smart and look for an ideally-located budget hotel in Anaheim, one that’s close to Disneyland, Universal Studios, etc.

More importantly, find out what kind of rooms you are going to stay in. For most of the people, a budget hotel translates into small rooms, ones that restrict movement and are good for nothing. However, if you conduct a fruitful search, you can indeed find a hotel with spacious rooms and who knows, you may also get variety. A good hotel might let you choose among different types of rooms such as king rooms, queen rooms, etc.

Last but not least, find a hotel that lets you save every possible penny, not only in terms of your stay but otherwise as well. For instance, a hotel with several packages and specials may enable you to make the most of your time in Anaheim while ensuring that you spend within your budget.

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